Warranty Declaration and Attention Notes

Warranty Declaration

1. Conditions Covered by Warranty

1.1 Product must be purchased from a Panmi authorised retailer or Panmi authorised official channels.

1.2 Must provide proof of purchase with a receipt/invoice.

1.3 The product must not be disassembled and re-assembled by the consumer.

1.4 The owner of the product must provide the necessary purchase information, product information and issue description.

1.5 Quality problems arising from normal use of the product.

1.6 Immediately cease using the product upon discovering a defect or upon making a claim to the relevant Authorised Reseller. Otherwise, the seller is not responsible for any accident caused by the reported problem.

1.7 When returning the device to the retailer or online reseller. Any cost in freight must be paid by the consumer.

2. Conditions Out of Warranty

2.1 Failure or accident caused by incorrect or improper or negligent compliance with the user manual.

2.2 Any accident or malfunction caused by non-statutory usage age or exceeding product design parameters.

2.3 Any defect or accident caused by unauthorised modification or disassembly of the product.

2.4 Damage caused by servicing of the product (including upgrades and expansions) performed by anyone or any service partner who is not authorised by Panmi to perform such services.

2.5 Damage caused by operating the Product outside the permitted or intended uses described by the manufacturer’s instructions provided by the original brand/manufacturer or with improper voltage or power supply.

2.6 Damage caused by use with non-compliant accessories.

2.7 Damage caused by natural wear and tear.

2.8 Commercial use of the product.

2.9 Any machine not purchased from an authorised reseller.

2.10 Any incidents of vehicle theft.

2.11 Any fire accident caused by storage or improper use.

2.12 Damage caused by nature or acts of God, for example, lightning strikes, cyclones and the like.

2.13 Damage caused by negligence, accident, abuse, misuse, flood, fire, earthquake or other external causes.

Note: The seller shall not be responsible or expected to pay any costs relating to any product problems, product use problems or personal safety problems or fire cases caused by any of the above-mentioned items.

Please read the following for servicing claims:

1. Please upload your invoice/receipt. If the invoice is lost, the service centre will add 3 months according to the activation date of the product or the production date of the product when determining warranty.

2. When the service centre receives the faulty product returned by you if there is no problem found with the product or the problem does not meet the warranty criteria the service centre will charge you a fee for the inspection. Please contact the service centre for details.

3. If the product is not under warranty you will need to choose to pay for repair or forgo the repair within 3 days after the inspection report and quotation provided by the service centre. Please pickup the product within 5 days after the repair or non-repair or you will need to pay for postage of the product. If the service centre does not receive instructions after the maximum number of days allowed, the product will be sent back to the designated warehouse of the service centre for temporary storage, and you will need to pay for the freight incurred. The maximum number of days for storage is 30 days. If the storage exceeds 30 days, the service centre will default the customer to listed as abandoned the service for self-handling. The storage charge during this period is $5 per unit per day.

4. Freight Cost:

If the product is valid under warranty, Panmi will cover the freight cost to and from the service centre.

If the product is not valid under warranty based on the Service Centre report, then the customer will need to cover the freight cost themselves.

All warranty/service claims require the customer to contact the service centre chosen by the customer, and the product needs to be sent to the service centre by the customer. If it is within warranty, Panmi will cover the freight cost. If it is deemed out of warranty, then the customer needs to cover the freight cost.

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